Culture at Provalus is Unmatched | The Story of Perry

June 10, 2022

Continuing the series of conversations with our employees about their experience here and why they enjoy coming to work everyday.

A: How long have you been with Provalus?
P: I started in October of 2021 as a Technical Support Analyst and within a month I was promoted to a Team Lead managing 16 folks. About 3 and a half months later I jumped into the Team Manger role. Currently I oversee 32 individuals on 4 different teams. 

A: What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
P: I check in on my team, help with any issues that come up.  I also help prepare newer systems, help coordinate with implementation after we have a client sign a contract. I work with them on it real closely for the first couple of weeks. For the most part I am here to make sure that my team is happy first and foremost as well as that we are meeting the clients expectations. From putting out fires, to pep talks, and hosting meetings that may be difficult to have. I’m a cheerleader. I’m the guy there to help answer questions.

A: How did you come to work at Provalus?
P: I am a network engineer by trade and have worked for the department of defense. My expertise and my training through college and my degree is related to network infrastructure and architecture. I applied on LinkedIn and a big selling point for me besides the people and the environment was having a big slide in the building and being close to the beach!

A: What do you enjoy about working at Provalus?
P: I like the people and the structure that we have. It feels like they trust me to the point that I know I am making a difference. Its tangible. They trust my judgment. Also, the communication and the buzz in here with the new building. The excitement of bringing in a group of new people and having them go through the bootcamp and then getting to see their progress. There’s no telling to see what Provalus could be in the next 10 years. I’m excited to come to work everyday.

A: Do you have aspirations to do something different in your career?
P: I would just continue to try to rise up the ranks and challenge myself. It seems like my mindset is what Provalus was looking for. If I can continue to grow these teams under me, as well as develop my own communication, personal skills and leadership skills, I would love to just see how far I can take it with Provalus. If the leadership aspect of it doesn’t seem to be a fit down the road, I would love to jump back into the tech side of it. Sky’s the limit!  

A: What has been the biggest impact Provalus has had on the community?
P: Folks constantly talk about Provalus whether they work here or not. The impact and the culture that is coming out of this place is building folks confidence. Provalus is providing that mental mind set that there’s other things out there. Build some skills and see where you can take it! The type of skills that people are learning here and the availability of certifications and mentorships and training, we have the avenues of making you as successful as possible. I don’t think there’s any other job like that out here. Provalus also works with the STEM program. We took some kids to New Orleans and they loved it. Some of them have never been out of Brewton so seeing the aquarium and other landmarks, I’m hoping sparks some ideas.

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