Veteran Turned SOC Manager | The Story of Jason

June 01, 2022

Continuing the series of conversations with our employees about their experience here and why they enjoy coming to work everyday.

A: What is your job title?
J: I came on as a contract SOC (Security Operations Center) Manager, 6 months later promoted to Security Delivery Manager and I am currently the Security Service Delivery Director.

A: How long have you been with Provalus?
J: Since August of 2020.

A: What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
J: Making sure we are delivering for our clients. One of my teams is growing so I have meetings with the client to go through the logistics of that and to be sure everybody has come to an agreement on both sides that is beneficial for both the client and Provalus.

A: What do you accomplish for the client/what solutions do you bring?
J: We always strive for 100% satisfaction so making sure the team is monitoring what they are suppose to be monitoring and that tickets are being escalated properly. I have a lot of great leads under me that I am able to give some of that power to them. It is definitely earned. I consider my team extended family. I have 6 teams under me with a total of about 30 individuals.

A: How did you come to work at Provalus?
J: I was still active duty military at the time and I was in my transitions assistance class in the Navy and we were applying to jobs and I saw the SOC Manager position on LinkedIn. I really liked what the company had to offer and the transparency. I did my day job and worked overnights with Provalus up until I went on terminal leave with the military. Provalus worked with me while I was active duty military and they took care of me so I’m just making sure that I can take care of them in the same manner. I could have potentially went anywhere with the military background and the education but it just clicked here.

A: What do you enjoy about working at Provalus?
J: I’ve never worked at a place where I feel like my thoughts and feelings are heard. I have daily conversations with my direct supervisor. It really is all about the communication. I don’t want to downplay my time in the military because I greatly appreciate my opportunities there but I’ve never felt heard like I do here. Sometimes almost to a point where I’m like why is this still surprising. It’s a great feeling. The magic is definitely there.

A: What do you feel has been the biggest impact from Provalus being in the community?
J: Seeing the growth in the community. Since I’ve been here they’ve opened so many new places. I feel like the community has definitely welcomed Provalus with open arms. I think there’s real change coming to this small town.

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