Client: Privately Held Multi-Level Marketing Company

business challenge:


In migrating from an in-house application suite to Salesforce, this multi-billion dollar global company was challenged with several issues. The client needed to customize Salesforce and test the new application, but had significant staff constraints

Using onsite staff augmentation contractors was out of the question due to the company’s tenure limit policy. The increased test load produced a need for additional resources, but cost constraints caused the company to search for a strategic, reliable, economical partner to perform the work

Service Delivered:



Provalus provided a team of functional and UAT testers for their Service Cloud portal

Our team has supported two major releases in Europe and tested the next wave which will be released to Asia-Pacific. Additionally, they are creating automated test cases and were trained the use of Tosca for future testing efforts


Our highly customized solution allowed for fully integrated QA with the added benefit of our team’s strong communication skills during customer-facing interactions.