Client: Professional Sports Team

business challenge:

This organization was challenged with turnover of internal resources, and a need for highly skilled and personable analysts to support their VIP’s.

Service Delivered:



Provalus provided a team of dedicated support analysts who were custom trained on this client’s complex environment and skilled to handle VIP customers. The team is able to adapt to the ongoing changes in the team’s schedule during the season and offseason, as well as support new technology and entities as they are acquired by the organization


VIP Treatment:

  • When adding new security features to email accounts was required, the Provalus team proactively scheduled times to allow the helpdesk to walk them through, one on one, the new process of adding security items and password changes to their accounts. This allowed any issues to resolved quickly without delaying the necessary security changes and being considerate of the user’s busy schedule.
  • If a situation requires an onsite entity, the helpdesk can request via chat for someone to go to the VIP’s location. The helpdesk simply verifies who is calling, their location, and their issue then place the information both into the ticket and the chat room that is constantly monitored by the onsite team.