Client: Quick Service Restaurant Chain

business challenge:


The IT department for the client was launching a new application which required an influx of contractors all with unique credentialing. There was a lack of cohesion in managing identities & permissions, which was creating undue risk for the organization.

Service Delivered:



Provalus upskilled resources in the clients Okta instance and established effective controls to help streamline the onboarding process. An IAM Checklist was created by Provalus with all tools/applications utilized by the client which Provalus sent to each hiring manger to fill out & sign attesting which applications the resource should have permission to utilize. Adding this process created efficiencies & allowed for the team to ensure provisioning & de-provisioning were completed with no breaches.


  • Due to the success of the controls, Provalus expanded from just IT contractors, to granting access to all IT employees, then enterprise wide.
  • Because of the success of the engagement, Provalus has created additional teams for the client in Common Platform, RIoT Support, Critical Incident Management, & Helpdesk.