A Place Full of Opportunity | The Story of Maria

This is the first in the series of conversations with our employees about their experience here and why they enjoy coming to work everyday.

A: What is your job title?
M: I started in a contract position, then an I.T. Technician and then promoted to a full-time Team Lead, where I am currently.

A: How long have you been with Provalus?
M: Since June of 2020

A: What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
M: My 7-person team is a part of the helpdesk for a national client. We work on issues both through an online ticketing system and via phone calls.

A: What solutions do you bring to your clients?
M: That we can assist them right away. I am so proud that my team can resolve tickets and solve issues and problems.

A: How did you come to work at Provalus?
M: I felt like it was time for me to do something differ- ent. I found a job posting online and my neighbor told me they had heard great things about Provalus so I applied!

A: What do you feel has been the biggest impact Provalus has made in the community?
M: Bringing in jobs for the people here. Giving people an opportunity. We have over 200 people working in this new amazing facility.

A: What do you enjoy about working at Provalus?
M: When I first came to the building, it felt sophisticated and I loved it. They are so involved with the community – it’s not just all about working, working. It’s such a family environment. Wherever it (Provalus) takes me, that’s where I’ll go.

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