Supporting the COVID-19 Fight from Behind the Scenes

Many of us are looking for ways to help, give back to the community, or do something that makes us feel a little less powerless in the face of this crisis. We’re seeing extraordinary acts of goodness… restaurants converting into community kitchens, hotels turning into makeshift treatment centers, more people donating to help their fellow neighbors, movie sets donating scrubs and masks and university students finding creative ways to 3D-print protective gear for healthcare workers.

My team and I at Provalus are contributing in our own unique way. We’re supporting the technology behind many healthcare researchers as they scramble to find a treatment for COVID-19.

One of our healthcare clients has staff on the front lines in the effort to fight the Coronavirus. Their team of experts with degrees in more than 250 scientific, technical and professional disciplines are performing virus detection and conducting research as I write this. They are also in the process of developing an app that will measure factors that can be used as early indicators of viral infections. Incredible innovations are being made in the fields of science and technology at record pace to combat this virus.

Behind the scenes, our service desk team is contributing to the war against Coronavirus; assisting doctors and healthcare professionals as they fight on the front lines. It’s becoming increasingly important for my team and I to troubleshoot issues for these researchers rapidly.  Our job is to assist them in getting ahead of the virus as efficiently as possible. We’re carefully monitoring service calls 24/7 for everything from connectivity issues, software accessibility issues, laboratory and other equipment malfunctions. Our work right now is to help remove barriers to support our client’s efforts in defeating COVID-19. We’re in this together, even from behind our computer screens. Even if it’s from our small town American homes where lumber yards, paper mills and other essential manufacturing defined us as America’s heartland. We were the backbone of American industry in the early days of our nation’s history. Through Provalus, rural communities are reemerging as a critical asset in the technology industry, especially in these times.

At Provalus, we’re doing everything in our power to support them in this worldwide fight against COVID-19. I’m incredibly grateful that my job allows me to help our client resolve issues so our healthcare experts can focus on creating solutions for this global crisis. As a collective of humans, we’re all in this together.