Through Provalus,
individuals are tenaciously achieving success, families are courageously overcoming adversity and communities are
becoming autonomous. Our training & efforts provide American tech careers so the
under-employed can be empowered to…


He shared that during bootcamp, he was evicted,
his car was repo’d and was living on couches at
various homes of his family. Jay was working prior
to bootcamp but got fired for working 1 extra hour
one week. He was moving furniture for a flood/
disaster recovery company and was limited to 24
hours a week at $7.23 per hour. Jay graduated
2nd in the class! To really pull at the heart strings,
our VP of HR noticed that he struggled to put a
home address on his new hire forms.


He spent that last few years as a network support / desk
side support engineer. But because of his physical size and
weight (500 lbs) he could not go up and down ladders in his
work. He’s always loved computers and felt he had a good
chance at coding and came to test with us. He’s brilliant,
smart, funny and everyone loves him. So far, he’s lost 70
pounds since starting his diet and joining our team and he
finished first in Bc2’s class. He’s amazing in so many ways.


She spent the last three years at the University
of South Alabama working on her BS in Electrical
Engineering and after 3 years she realized he
hated it. Anna’s dad and family friend referred
her to Provalus and she graduated 2nd in her
class with Provalus and will be joining the Ally QA
team coming soon in January.


Bryan worked the overnight shift at Walmart
during Bootcamp to makes ends meet. He
showed up at Walmart at 11pm and worked to
7am – had an hour off, then came to bootcamp
from 8am to close. Slept for 2-3 hours and then
went back to work at Walmart. To ensure he
completed his graduation project, he put in for a
leave of absence at Walmart (with no pay) so he
can concentrate on his studies with Provalus.


He may have the most unique way of finding out about
Provalus. He had just received a speeding ticket and while
at court in Jackson Alabama (2 hrs away) he was telling the
court clerk that he may not be able to pay the ticket as he
was looking for a job. The court clerk had seen our news
story on Channel 15 news and told him that we were hiring
300 people. So Russell got in his car and came to interview.
He scored the highest of anyone so far on the CPAB of 213
and now he begins his new career in software development.


Chris lives with his mother off of the Golf Course where Provalus’
campus is being built. He initially fought the idea of a company
building on the course (the rumor in town was that it was a
factory) and went so far as to protest at a city council meeting.
He quit mid-way through the bootcamp and mentally tap’d
out. After coming back, he was committed. He was working
in the kitchen at the local BBQ Joint – ironically where we had
the Graduation Celebration Lunch. When we arrived for lunch,
everyone came out of the kitchen and congratulated him for
his accomplishment – one lady was even crying for his success.