Provalus Raises Money for TGB Through Hugs & Kisses Fundraiser

Provalus hosted a Valentine’s Day-themed fundraiser to raise money for our charity partner The TGB Foundation! Employees were encouraged to purchase a “hug and kiss” for $1…AKA: a personal, heart-shaped and a bag of Hershey Kisses. Everyone wrote sweet notes to their co-workers and presented them on Valentine’s Day.

We raised $1,000 for The TGB Foundation’s STEM and Robotics program! Through these STEM-based programs, TGB is giving kids a glimpse into how I.T. can be a pathway to independence. The coding camps have been supported by Google in the form of teaching aid for their Grasshopper software and also incorporates Scratch coding and robotics education, making programming easy and fun for children. This offers kids a way to gain the confidence required for them to handle life’s challenges on their own… a chance for independence.

Learn more about TGB’s STEM program here!