Untapped potential

Meet Bill, who worked in the restaurant space, but had the aptitude to be capable of so much more! He has been with us for over 12 months.  He’s now a developer, his favorite language is C# and thanks to his new career with Provalus, he was recently able to buy his first home.  The untapped potential & tremendous individuals …

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A bright future

Meet Asa, one of our youngest employees. He’s a team lead, passionate about technology, appreciates our culture and YES thrives under mentorship and the opportunity to learn. The future is still BRIGHT and there are some amazing, hardworking, articulate, educated, driven and motivated minds out there that just need us to cultivate an opportunity for them to grow!

Provalus veteran interview

Today, 10M veterans are deemed under/unemployed. We hear countless stories of veterans applying to 50+ jobs without a single response or interview. Meet Mercedes. A veteran. A military spouse. A top graduate of our development boot camp & because her resume would have had “TCC/NCC” and not 24×7 NOC, in other circumstances we would have never found her. Mercedes, thank …

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Team Lead interview

Meet Chris – avid learner, creative problem solver, consummate professional, extremely articulate technologist and inquisitive learner. He has been rapidly promoted within the organization and is currently a Team Lead on a key Fortune 500 project. Chris happened to be one of our first employees at Provalus. We are fortunate to have his loyalty and dedication. It is truly a …

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Groundbreaking Ceremony in Brewton, Alabama

Thank you to the entire community of Brewton for celebrating with us and mark this historic event with Alabama Governor Kay Ivey. We broke ground on the beautiful site of our future building with the team that will impact the community in the projected amount of $18 million dollars. #provalusgroundbreaking #AmericanJobs

Optomi, through Provalus, projects to have a $210m impact with its new Brewton, Alabama project

Governor Kay Ivey announced that Provalus, a company specializing in business technology service and support, plans to invest $6.5 million to open a center in Brewton staffed with 300 workers. Atlanta-based Optomi, one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech-staff firms, launched Provalus to provide an alternative to overseas outsourcing of business functions. Provalus aims to utilize untapped talent in small communities …

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New York Times reports – Hot Spot for Tech Outsourcing: The United States

NYT posted an article about domestic outsourcing just as Provalus launched.  Quite timley! ### For years, American companies have been saving money by “offshoring” jobs — hiring people in India and other distant cubicle farms. Today, some of those jobs are being outsourced again — in the United States. Nexient, a software outsourcing company, reflects the evolving geography of technology …

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We’re building rural domestic technology centers offering ITO, BPO and Helpdesk services that compete head-on with traditional offshoring. ### Optomi announced today that it launched a plan to bring 300 jobs to southern Alabama through its Provalus division.  Provalus is elevating under-served communities by providing technology, business and support positions to untapped talent in the U.S.  Services in the areas of …

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Tech jobs

Brewton is eyeing an economic development deal to bring scores of new technical jobs to the area. Monday, the city council set a July 17 public hearing date to discuss partnering with Optomi, LLC, a tech staffing firm with eight locations around the nation, including Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore, Denver and Charlotte, N.C. The company’s website states the corporate mission as …

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