Provalus Creates New Technology-related Jobs Countering Trends of the Tech Giants

While many tech companies decrease their workforces with first quarter layoffs, Provalus continues to expand exponentially, fueling rural economies amidst economic uncertainty. Provalus, the solutions brand of Optomi Professional Services, recently secured several new projects which require hundreds of additional staff. This workforce will be located in the Provalus rural tech centers in Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas and South Carolina.

The Provalus mission to revitalize rural communities by providing technology, business and support positions to undiscovered talent in U.S. small towns is resonating with corporate America. By up-skilling local American talent and elevating under-employed individuals, workers secure higher incomes which they then contribute back to their local economies seven-fold with spending that drives improved infrastructure, education and community projects and results in better livelihoods for its citizens.

“Our mission, strategic plan and organizational vision are all aligned to best support our clients and drive revitalization in small town U.S.A. Provalus is best-in-class and companies appreciate the improved quality that comes with teams of resources being specifically dedicated to their projects and 100% on-site,” Mike Keogh, President of Provalus commented.

Laura Chevalier, Chief Growth Officer of Provalus added, “We are seeing so many new Fortune-listed clients come to Provalus as they realize that utilizing resources in the states supports an economic mechanism that then translates back to their corporate revenue stream. Aligning talent in the U.S. helps drive their own business objectives, and ultimately will be critical for driving and maintaining economic growth. When you take that value proposition and roll in the nuances of quality communication and hardworking resources right here in rural America – our clients are really starting to appreciate the ROI and thoughtful approach from a partnership with Provalus.”

Provalus specializes in managed services and professional services including Business Process Optimization, Infrastructure Operations (HD, IAM, NOC, SOC) and Application & ITO Support. Through these services, the firm is able to provide Fortune-listed companies the dependable, quality, and practical services they need for business continuity. In each town with a Provalus tech center, the job creation initiative is projected to have a multi-million dollar economic impact on the local community over the next five years.

With this explosive growth, Provalus is adding to its Leadership team as well as Customer Experience staff.

Immediate openings are available in its Brewton, Alabama location and Tahlequah, Oklahoma facility. Individuals interested in joining the Provalus team should visit


We hire and develop the best and brightest undiscovered talent in our small towns and rural communities to deliver a remarkable experience for our technology clients and end-users alike. Provalus specializes in managed services and professional services including Business Process Optimization, Infrastructure Operations (HD, IAM, NOC, SOC) and Application & ITO Support Services that compete head-on with offshore outsourcing. By creating opportunities where there were none; with companies that believe in America’s future, Provalus is generating a superior workforce. We provide Fortune-listed companies the dependable, quality and practical services they need… straight from the heart of America. We are purposefully disruptive… PROVIDING OUTSOURCING VALUE FROM THE U.S.

Christen Black, CMO of Optomi Professional Services |

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