Revitalizing Rural Communities Since 2018

The Provalus mission to revitalize rural communities by providing technology, business and support positions to undiscovered talent in U.S. small towns is resonating with corporate America and fueling our explosive growth. We’ve hired over 300 people to deliver I.T. services from our tech centers over the last 6 months… with hundreds more on the horizon.

The benefit of this type of job creation initiative is exponential. By up-skilling local American talent and elevating under-employed individuals, workers secure higher incomes which they then contribute back to their local economies seven-fold with spending that drives improved infrastructure, education and community projects and results in better livelihoods for its citizens.

As we expand, Provalus has built out world-class technology training and internship programs (called Meridian) to ensure our team is set up to success in their new technology careers.

Today, Provalus does business from 4 core state-of-the-art facilities in 4 different small towns with another scheduled to open in September. We also have teams in expanded locations to work on focused software integrations for clients looking for team augmentation.

Notoriety for our workforce diversity, veteran-hiring focus and business strength has grown over the years, ranging from Military Friendly awards to making the Inc 5000 list.

We invite you to join our mission to strengthen America’s future.

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