Construction Complete for the Provalus Facility in Texas

Amidst the set-backs of COVID-19, hurricanes and tropical storms, the new Provalus facility in Jasper, Texas was completed in record time. The 2-story, 30,000 square foot revitalized building will soon be home to almost a hundred employees (with expected capacity of 200) performing technology services in the areas of ITO, BPO and support. The facility is thoughtfully designed with secure rooms, key card access, conversation spaces, inviting break areas and an outdoor courtyard in addition to the modern individual workspaces. The technology-inspired space will allow the Provalus teams to serve the company’s Fortune 500 clients efficiently and effectively.

After working in temporary facilities over the past several months, Provalus teams are phasing into this new centralized location as COVID-19 releases its grip on the community. The renovated building will house two stories of newly-trained individuals from the community. A diverse mix of women, military veterans and individuals from all walks of life have found leading-edge careers in the technology industry through the mission of Provalus.

Provalus is elevating under-served communities by providing technology, business and support positions to undiscovered talent in the U.S. Services in the areas of BPO, ITO and Helpdesk will be available from the facility. The work provides companies the dependable, quality and practical services they need… straight from the heart of America.

“Our main mission is to provide value to the U.S. by bringing jobs back… especially to rural areas,” commented Chuck Ruggiero, President of Provalus. The IT solutions needs that have been traditionally outsourced overseas can now be serviced here in the U.S. through Provalus.

Optomi Professional Services, the parent company of the Provalus brand, is one of the fastest growing tech talent firms in the U.S. and makes a practice of implementing strategies that stand out from the competition as the most leading-edge and successful.