Jasper, Texas to Celebrate the Provalus Job Creation Initiative with a Groundbreaking Ceremony

Provalus, the impact outsourcing brand of Optomi Professional Services, begins a new chapter with a groundbreaking ceremony for its technology innovation center in Jasper, Texas on October 17th, 2019. The job creation initiative is expected to add 200 jobs to the community of Jasper. In a groundbreaking ceremony, Jasper Mayor Gary Gatlin and state officials will be honored for their support of the project which projects to have a multi-million dollar economic impact over the course of five years.

Provalus is elevating under-employed communities by providing technology, business and support positions to untapped talent in the U.S. By up-skilling local talent, Provalus is able to provide Fortune 1000 companies the dependable, quality and practical services they need…straight from the heart of America. The impact outsourcing company specializes in ITO, BPO, Application Development, Quality Assurance, Data Reporting and Support services.

“Our main mission is to provide value to the U.S. by bringing jobs back… especially to rural areas,” commented Chuck Ruggiero, President of Provalus. “The IT solutions that have been traditionally outsourced overseas can now be serviced here in the U.S. through Provalus.”

This is the second tech center for Provalus. With a Jasper population of 7,600, the firm projects to be able to employ almost 3% of the town’s workforce. Over the past several months, Provalus training camps have yielded a team of state-of-the-art technologists. The team of 60 is currently in a temporary location and expects to move to the newly restored historic building on Houston Street by the first quarter of 2020. Provalus’ flagship facility is located in Brewton, Alabama where over 150 people are employed so far with a projected 300 total.

EVENT ATTENDEES: Texas Workforce Commissioner, Aaron Demerson, Michael Treyger, Deputy Director at the Office of the Governor, State of Texas, Texas State Representative James White, Mayor of Jasper Gary Gatlin, Chuck Ruggiero, President of Provalus, Laura Chevalier, CSO of Provalus, Michael Winwood CEO & Co-founder of the Provalus brand of Optomi Professional Services, Christen Black CMO & Co-founder of the Provalus brand of Optomi Professional Services.