We’re building rural domestic technology centers offering ITO, BPO and Helpdesk services that compete head-on with traditional offshoring.


Optomi announced today that it launched a plan to bring 300 jobs to southern Alabama through its Provalus division.  Provalus is elevating under-served communities by providing technology, business and support positions to untapped talent in the U.S.  Services in the areas of BPO, ITO and Helpdesk will be available from the facility. The work provides Fortune 1000 companies the dependable, quality and practical services they need… straight from the heart of America.

“Our main mission is to provide value to the U.S. by bringing jobs back… especially to rural areas,” commented Chuck Ruggiero, President of Provalus.  The IT solutions needs that have been traditionally outsourced overseas can now be serviced here in the U.S. through Provalus.

Optomi’s flagship facility is located in Brewton, Alabama which has a population of about 5,500. Training has begun for the first group and the bootcamp will yield a team of state-of-the-art technologists.  Once staffing levels reach 50 employees, construction will begin on the first of three buildings, which will occupy a combined space of over 60,000 square feet.  The campus will generate additional economic growth for the community in the way of commerce and real estate. “Governor Ivey made it clear from the start that she was behind new technology coming to Alabama,” Mayor Lovelace said. “This project was a culmination of the work of so many, and we couldn’t be prouder to welcome the company to Brewton.” 

Optomi is one of the fastest growing tech staffing firms in the U.S. and makes a practice of implementing strategies that stand out from the competition as the most leading-edge and successful.  Michael Winwood, CEO commented, “We strive to offer our clients a better experience. Through Provalus, we are able to provide services that have traditionally been outsourced overseas. Our strategies continue to disrupt the tech staffing industry.”